Why a Clean HVAC System is Important

Why does your facility need to have a clean HVAC system and ductwork? The answer is a simple one: to increase?the ambient air quality and energy savings. And now is the perfect time to have your HVAC system cleaned—before winter … Read More

After the Rain: How to Clean & Protect from Mold

Last year, the continental U.S. saw its fifth wettest year on record. Wilmington, SC received more than 100 inches of rain, and 78 U.S. cities set new rainfall records (*). With many areas getting considerable precipitation this year and warmer … Read More

Certified Air Duct Cleaner

Importance Of Using A Certified Air Duct Cleaner

When a commercial building needs its air ducts cleaned, often it will be treated as a minor cleaning service and given to the lowest bidder. This is problematic, because commercial air duct cleaners should always be certified by NADCA, the … Read More

Clean Commercial HVAC Systems Beat The Heat

Clean Commercial HVAC Systems Beat The Heat

During the hot summer months many businesses see their operating expenses skyrocket, and struggle to address the cause of these increased costs of staying open. There is one culprit that leads to these higher utility bills, and luckily there is … Read More