UVC Light and Deep Clean For Industrial Facilities

UVC Deep Clean

In these unprecedented times, UVC disinfection and facility deep cleaning services are important to the health and safety of your employees.

There are many reasons why industries are turning to germicidal UV technology for?industrial air cleaning systems. First, they enable industries to comply with strict local codes and regulations as the technology is environmentally friendly. Also unlike germicidal chemical methods, energy-efficient UV lamps are chemical free and produce no disinfection byproduct (DBPs) or corrosive material. Furthermore, germicidal UVC lamps can effectively sterilize bacteria, mold, fungi and viruses without the health hazard associated with the use of harmful chemicals. Another big advantage is that UV systems are easy to operate and maintain, and their compact design makes retrofitting simple.

Germicidal UV lamps provide a broad range of applications that are used throughout the world by many industries. One example is UV lamps that effectively remove toxic chemicals produced during the treatment of wood and other surfaces as well as the manufacturing of plastics, rubber and printing products. By eliminating and reducing VOCs and industrial exhausts containing solvents, the health of workers in these industries is protected. Two of the best UVC light disinfection systems for industrial facilities include the In-Duct UV Lighting, Ceiling/Wall Mountable Germicidal UVC System.


In-Duct UVGI Systems – are mounted inside AHUs or ventilation ductwork. When selected to produce appropriate irradiance levels, in-duct systems can be effective for air disinfection. The goal of an in-duct air disinfection system is to inactivate microbes suspended in the air (e.g., viable influenza viruses) as they move through the duct or AHU, so the organism is no longer capable of causing disease.

In-Duct UVC Light Disinfection Features:

  • Ideal for airborne treatment of contaminates
  • Water resistant remote mountable UVC lamps with magnetic mounting shield
  • Single or multi-lamp configuration

In-Duct UVC Light Disinfection Benefits:

  • 9% surface disinfection
  • Sterilizes mold, bacteria, and viruses
  • Disinfects coil & drain pan
  • Improves HVAC efficiency
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Reduces odor


Ceiling/Wall Mountable Germicidal UVC Systems – are designed to provide rapid and effective on-site biological decontamination and sterilization within surgical suites and patient rooms utilizing high powered UVC energy. It can be installed in either a ceiling or a wall. The UVC Panel attacks pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses, and mold, on surfaces and in the air. Its UVC Emitters provide the best and longest-lasting UVC performance available.

Ceiling/Wall Mountable Germicidal UVC Systems Features:

  • Energy efficient – uses approximately the same energy as a 200-watt light bulb
  • Produces no ozone or other secondary contaminants
  • Long service life – typically 9000 hours of usage between change outs


Ceiling/Wall Mountable Germicidal UVC Systems Benefits:

  • Kills mold, bacteria, and viruses where they lurk
  • Mounts flush with ceiling or into a wall
  • Delivers 99.9+% surface microbial “kill” rates
  • Available in a sleeved Emitter configuration for shatter-resistant and moisture-resistant protection


Now is the perfect time to consider using UVC Disinfectant lighting in your industrial facility. Odds are, your employees are now back to work in your facilities and we know in some industrial settings it is very difficult to practice social distancing. Consider installing UVC Light Technology in all of the Air Handler Units that serve your building. Air that passes through the coils is instantly sanitized and disinfected. For industrial facilities that have receiving areas for incoming packages, consider using mountable UVC panel lighting in that particular area of your facility to disinfect incoming packages to protect your employees from harmful surface bacteria and viruses.

Stay tuned for our webinar on UVC and Deep Clean for Industrial Facilities for more information on UVC Light Disinfection and others services Hughes Environmental offers.



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